New Site, New Blog!

life update

Hi friend! 

I'm sure you know by now how excited I am about this new lil site of mine. Isn't it purdy? 

If you've been following me the last couple of years, you'll know I played the lifestyle blog game for quite a bit. I loved sharing outfits, my photography, home decor, and of course my art and rad wares that pay my bills. I missed sharing in depth peeks into my everyday life as a career crafter and all around weirdy. (yeah, I said "weirdy". It's the new weirdo)

I'll be reviving that weirdy spirit in the form of a new blog home, right here on the shop site. Check back in a bit for new posts on everything "Midge's outfits/decor/artwork". Hope you're as pumped as I am!



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